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What is Auto RF ID?   

Auto RFID is the combination of RF technology and weighing software to identify a truck and get that and other information into a weighing system without driver interaction. Generally, a RF Tag is placed on the truck or the driver has a RF Card that is read by an antenna placed on or near the scale. The card has a unique number that is assigned to the truck so that when he crosses the scale the computer knows to which truck to assign the transaction.

This eliminates errors caused by drivers keying in the wrong number on a keypad or scale operators keying in wrong numbers on a keyboard. For those applications that require a lot of changes or driver input an intercom system and keypad can be added so that the driver can ask the office for changes right on the scale. With our exclusive Voice Module and the keypad, the driver can change certain information himself.



How will this feature help my site?

Well, by implementing unattended operation you:

Total time spent in your quarry or yard is reduced. This feature alone has many other far reaching benefits! You can tell your customers that their orders can be processed and on the way to the job quicker than your competitors! Independent haulers will prefer your site because they know they can get more loads hauled in a day.