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What is a Voice / Keypad Interface?   

Human beings have communicated information using the spoken word since the dawn of time. It is the most efficient means of relaying information to another human. Global has chosen to utilize this method as one of the ways to communicate information to a truck driver. Our Voice Interface is simple: We have a piece of software that plays sound files (which you the customer can record) through a high volume outdoor speaker located on the scale or near the RF Reader. Combined with a keypad this allows a driver to interface with the system quickly and easily.

While we don't want this section to be display technology against voice technology, voice does have some unique advantages!

What advantage does it have over standard displays?

Well, the fact that humans can be doing one thing while still being able to interpret speech has many advantages. Speed is the main one. The driver could be watching for a traffic light to change while you are telling him in what part of the quarry he needs to go to get loaded. He can do this quite easily!

Since any language may be used, we can cater to the needs of your local work pool. Many areas of the country have large Spanish populations. In these situations, you could have a display giving information in English, and Voice giving the same information in Spanish. (Some sign character sets are limited to the English language.)

Some displays are hard if not impossible to read in direct sunlight. We've all seen displays that just fade out when exposed to direct sunlight. Voice does not suffer form this malady. We also use a high power amp so even in the nosiest environment the voice is clearly heard. (Note: We do offer sunlight readable LED signs)