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How will Dispatching help my site?   

As with most of our custom solutions the name of the game is SPEED! If you knew in advance which trucks would be hauling on which jobs and for how long or for how many loads, how much time would you save throughout the day? This is what scheduling accomplishes. Each truck with an RF Card can be assigned a job and a product and then scheduled for any amount of time or for X amount of loads.

How it works

At anytime throughout the day your haulers can fax, or call in a list of trucks and the jobs they are going to be on. This list is used to update the Ez schedule software. When a truck comes in the yard that has been pre-scheduled he hits the scale, gets his card read, reads the sign or listens to the voice to see where he's going, then goes into the yard to gets loaded. He DOES NOT have to sit on the scale waiting for someone to update his RF card information! An independent hauler, who changes jobs or products often, can tell the scale operator that he will be hauling 4 loads of 57's, 1 load of 304, and then will switch to 8's for the rest of the day. The scale operator sets up Ez schedule for these changes and that's the last time they will have to talk to them!