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What is a Loader Interface?

Working with Teklogix Inc. and utilizing their vehicle-mounted terminals, Global Software developed a system that allows a loader operator to become an integral part of a weighing system.

How does it Work?

Multiple antennas are erected around a quarry or loading area dividing it into zones. As the loader moves around the area loading trucks, it is always in a zone covered by one or more antennas. This prevents areas of no coverage. The inbound scale system has a series of zones defined in software that are linked to products/stockpiles. A truck enters the yard (through the inbound scale system) requesting a particular product. The inbound computer system sends the loader terminals a block of data that contains the following :

Each loader operator can choose from a list of zones to monitor. They usually monitor one or two zones. The operator loads the truck to the amount specified and then clears the entry from his terminal. The outbound system now has a log record of the time into the yard, the amount of time spent in the yard and when the truck was finished being loaded! The truck goes across a set of outbound scales and gets his ticket.


How will it help my site?

Consider the normal way a truck gets loaded at your site. A truck driver enters the quarry and tells the loader operator via CB, sign language or hand held signs what he wants and how much he wants. It's easy to misinterpret what was said, resulting in over/under loaded trucks and angry drivers! Also the loader operator has no idea whom got there first resulting in some drivers waiting long periods to get loaded. To make matters worse is the driver wanting material that is rarely sold. He may go to the stockpile and wait for a long time before a loader even knows he's there! This system eliminates all that. All loaders know instantly when a truck enters the yard, what he wants and how much they can legally load him too! You do the math!